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45,000 Views: Simpler Media's Success with the Adrian Symphony Orchestra's Rhapsody in Blue

Whether you're a longtime classical music fan or new to it all, there is a very good chance that you'll recognize George Gershwin's iconic Rhapsody in Blue. But, oddly enough, even though countless movies and orchestras have used or performed it for decades, Gershwin's piece is nearing its 100th anniversary this February, and no orchestra has ever actually recorded the original, premiered version from 1924. So, naturally, the Adrian Symphony Orchestra couldn't let that sad fact remain for much longer! They approached us to film the recording of the piece; we eagerly agreed, got the logistics underway, and pumped out a video that we're super excited about. Not only did this project create a significant mark in the history of music, but it also garnered enthusiasm from numerous individuals. The performance recording alone has amassed nearly 30,000 views, and an accompanying historical explainer video has added an extra 16,000 views to the overall engagement.

Nearly 30,000 Views and Counting: A Digital Symphony Unleashed

In terms of crew, we were a 2-person team using DJI Ronin Gimbals, three Sony A7IIIs, a Sony 24-105mm, Tamron 24-70mm, and a Sony 70-200mm. With that gear, we meticulously curated a visual journey that not only showcased the orchestra's exceptional talent but also paid homage to Gershwin's timeless composition. The level of engagement received so far on this video equates to a stadium full of fans enjoying the Adrian Symphony Orchestra's music. The overwhelming response from viewers highlights the universal appeal of Gershwin's masterpiece and the power of visual storytelling to transcend geographic boundaries. In a digital age where we are oftentimes inundated with online content, it can be easy to overlook the authentic storytelling power that custom videography affords an organization. However, the reality is that now more than ever, arts organizations like the Adrian Symphony Orchestra have an opportunity to share the life-affirming experiences found in the arts with thousands of audience members outside of their geographic reach.

An Animated Explainer Video

Staying true to our commitment to simplifying the storytelling process, we also created an animated, educational explainer video. This video delves into the fascinating history of Rhapsody in Blue, offering viewers a journey through its original creation and performance. An engaging and informative video, "The History Behind Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue" has garnered 16,000 views and counting.

We are continually humbled and excited to work on such worthwhile projects right here in Michigan. Learn more about the Adrian Symphony Orchestra here.

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